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Something that will make you harder, meaner and colder.
Hang in there. You'll get there someday. Loneliness will only make you stronger in the long run.
by Dras May 15, 2015

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What do you think it means?
I don't see any purpose in life and am completely socially inept, I want to kill myself.
by Dras June 18, 2016

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A kind of fucking metal.
I got some new silver rings.
by Dras June 03, 2015

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100% concentrated hell on earth. Will leave you sore for the rest of the week and will make you weak in the knees.
It's worth it though and if you skip it, it's justifiable to call you a homosexual.
John: Hey bro, you up for leg day today?
Matt: Nah man, training legs is gay.
John: Don't be a lil bitch.
by Dras July 15, 2016

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It's a fucking city.
Not some wondergirl like the other 20 million definition of {insert girl name}
Sydney is the biggest city in Australia and has the big opera thingy.
by Dras March 07, 2015

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