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Sweetcorn is a type of corn with kernels that have a high sugar content. It is grown for human consumption and is harvested while slightly immature.
farmers grow sweetcorn

goofy ahh gif
by SkyBeetle July 11, 2022
A phobia where people have a rational fear of having their mobile phone not with or taken away from them.
This word was invented in the year 2008 be a research company in the U.K. named "YouGov" an internet market research company.
Nomophobia in its full form is NO MObile PHone PhoBIA
by SkyBeetle July 11, 2022
1. A long metal piece that holds up something to keep in balance

2. A piece of writing, image, or other item of content published online, typically on a blog or social media website. This is a post
I just made a post LOL
by SkyBeetle July 11, 2022
1. To be divided or partified.

2. To have your limbs cut off.
Half of disabled people are in a Dismember
by SkyBeetle July 11, 2022