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The Jerusalem syndrome is an acute psychotic state observed in tourists and pilgrims who visit Jerusalem. The main symptom of this disorder is identification with a character from the Bible and exhibiting behaviours which seems to be typical for this character. Jerusalem Syndrome is probably caused by the religious significance or aura of the city, causing them to slip into a psychosis and become convinced they are either the Messiah or another biblical figures. People believing they're John the Baptist, Jesus, Samson, or the Virgin Mary have been spotted in the holy city.

The Jerusalem Syndrome is probably a supernatural disorder by God placed on the city of Jerusalem for non-religious people or other people in any different religions to get affected and become like what it says in Paragraph 1.

P.S.: For the users reading this; you can stop trying to search for the reason behind all of this wack and admit that the true Creator has probably to do something with this. There are no signifcant "lores" behind any of this, so buzz off and focus on something else that actually has unsolved mysteries.
The Jerusalem Syndrome is a real thing and you should probably go to the city of Israel to see for yourself if you don't believe me.
by SkyBeetle July 11, 2022
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1. To be divided or partified.

2. To have your limbs cut off.
Half of disabled people are in a Dismember
by SkyBeetle July 11, 2022
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That cunt who made the iconic Dave and Bambi fantrack called "Screwed".

Also known as "Ms. That Pizza Tower Fan".

Thirdly known for saying the n-word.

Fourthly for genderbending his own oc like a fucking whore and what usual Friday Night Funkin' fans do.
by SkyBeetle July 11, 2022
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The first definition of Kalampokiphobia on UrbanDictionary is probably a Dave and Bambi reference.
by SkyBeetle July 11, 2022
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"posting words with serious and actual definitions on urbandictionary"

Person 1: What are you doing?

Person 2: I'm posting words with actual definitions on UrbanDictionary

Person 1: Good to know.
by SkyBeetle July 11, 2022
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