someone who is adeemed with so much back/pearl and freshness, they become untouchable and can basically fuck whoever they desire. When reached this level of freshness, they will become god like and if looked at long enough will blind you
Person A: Jerry Turner how come u r so ONNN
Person B: Gusoooooolllld I get so much back they call me the tailgater,, I'd be breakin backs like long division, and i got my dreadlocks on shake i can make the earthquake
by Dleshon June 24, 2010
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when something is lit, dope, awesome. or even as "yes"
"yo my man how was the party last night?"
"bro it was onnn"

"dude you coming to my house later?"

"are you onnn?"
by gewoon_rwm January 6, 2019
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The act of putting your socks on when inhaling paint fumes and sleep deprivation catch up to you
Person 1: Eyy bro I'm really tired and I'm feeling gooood after inhaling these paint fumes

Person 2:You gotta put yer sockchs onnn
by MC Shrivel Ball August 5, 2021
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