A term coined by the Starcraft commentator Cholera, named after the Korean pro Starcraft player Hyuk, used to describe the act of losing after having a seemingly insurmountable lead. It came about due to Hyuk's repeated failures even with all the odds in his favour in several pro-league matches.
Well he seems to have the game in the bag, but give him time, he could still hyuk it up.
by lordLitus June 8, 2009
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To become much better at a particular skill after a reputation of sucking at it, much to the surprise of everyone else.

Coined by Starcraft english commentator CholeraSC. Named after the Korean progamer, Hyuk, who use to suck, but now Hyuk's everyone
"Yo dawg, you just got Hyuked!"
by DENTME dot com November 5, 2009
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'𝘏𝘺𝘶𝘬' is a term coined by George 'Goofy' Geef. George first used the term in 1932 as a laugh when Pluto came on stage in Mickey's Revue and pulled off stage quickly. The term has spread around quickly and George's 'A Goofy Movie' has been nominated 5 times at the 23rd Annie Awards, possibly as a result of his goofiness and 'Hyuk'.
Goofy : Hyuk! I sure hope that wasn't too much text!

Mickey : Oh I'm sure they're nice, and they will let this slide.
by ɐɾᴉǝS uᴉɾᴉʞ November 10, 2020
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Another Starcraft related term also coined by commentator Cholera. It means to destroy an opponent, even though previously, there would have been little to no chance of doing so.
I have a feeling he's gonna Hyuk him up.
by jarret1414 November 4, 2009
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To be a lesser pro, and consistently fail. Then have a brain switching surgery with Jaedong and become the awesomeness that is HYUK!
Effort v Hyuk @ CJ v SKT1 10/28/09
by Hyuk0wns November 4, 2009
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Hyuk is from south korean boy band Vixx. He has grown and blossomed so much since his debut in boy band Vixx. He can be very scary at times but is really Hyukawaii :) His favourite colours are black and white!
Hyuk is a very tall human :)
by SeventeenLinDream April 7, 2018
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