someone who complains about something but finds themselves doing exactly the same thing
A: "i hate people that complain about other people, they're SO annoying!"
B: "shut up, hypocrite!"
by factoryofinsults November 28, 2003
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A person who reprimands others for doing or not doing something, then turns around and does the same thing
Professor Coan tells us to stay in shape, but she's fat as hell. What a hypocrite!
by TheFrost February 23, 2007
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A crap face, who says not to do one thing, then goes off and does it him self.
"Don't touch that saw. it can hurt you. AHHHH!! MY HAND!!"
by Satan June 26, 2004
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When some one tells you not to do something, while they are doing it or have been seen doing exactly what they just told you not to do.
Teacher: Bob! Don't chew gum in the classroom! Go throw it out!

Bob: But Mr., you are chewing gum. Why can't we? Wouldn't you be being a hypocrite by telling me to throw it out??
by b.c.w July 16, 2009
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a person who makes out that they're against something, then does the thing they where against
a person stands up for a bullying victim then later supports the bully and his ways
by hipo May 13, 2003
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Someone who sets standards for other that they cannot reach.
by neon.crayon.13 November 17, 2010
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Someone who hates it when people do certain things or talk shit about other people but they do it themselves.
Claudia: Omg, I hate it when people talk about others behind their backs.

Tracey: Right?... Oh Look here comes Connie.

Connie: Hey guys! *walks toward Claudia & Tracey*

Claudia & Tracey: Hey Connie!

Connie: I gotta run. Sorry I can't stay and chat, it was nice seeing you. *walks away*

Claudia: Bye.

Tracey: See you around.

Claudia: *turns to Tracey* Omg, did you see the dress that she's wearing? It makes her look like a whore!

Tracey: *looks back at Claudia with a blank stare* You're a fucken hypocrite. *walks away*
by Huhhy October 05, 2010
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