One of the grittiest punk bands ever to have produced an album, The Fall (The name is derived from the Albert Camus novel) are led by Mark E. Smith, and have gone through approximately ninety-thousand different members.
This may be due to Mr. Smith's aggressive nature, and tendency to attack Radio One DJs.
Their latest album (at time of writing) is the compilation "50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong".
No. No they can't.
Mark E. Smith - "Well anybody who compares us to the Buzzcocks gets a slug, usually."
Harsh words, but fair.
by NewFaceInHell September 4, 2004
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One of the best fucking bands that has ever existed; that nobody has ever heard of.
The Fall are a great band, and Mark E. Smith is a genius.

Don't call them punk. They're too cool to be punk. Punk rock sucks. The Fall are their own genre.
by Psychomafia September 7, 2008
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a state of depression, lack of energy, bad mood and unwillingness to do anything, strongly connected with autumn/fall, raining and cold, windy weather; a kind of seasonal apathy that sometimes also covers winter (when winter looks more like autumn, without snow etc.)
Mark is a cheerful person, great to hang out with, but somehow his mood depends on the weather. When autumn starts, he is in a fall-falling state: does not want to go anywhere, walks around the house without any purpose etc.
by KurtSteinerPL September 29, 2009
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The state of mind and feelings you get when you begin to feel love for a person you are sexually attracted to. It puts you into a helpless state where you want the high and can get into trouble chasing it because you become blind to everthing else - hence the term Falling.
Help me I'm falling again .. I'm going to be in trouble!
by Jean Valjean123 September 30, 2009
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Fall is so beautiful, but yet everything is dying.
According to the law of conservation of mass, matter is neither created nor destroyed. It is converted from one form to another.
So, I see the positivity in every single negativity.
I see opportunity in hopelessness.
Yes, the beauty of the fall season is undeniable, yet, everything is dying.
Yet, the fallen leaves become fertilizers, preparing for the spring to bloom.
There are always times for being head-downs. Let’s think of head-ups.
Fallen leaves
to me,
it signifies the act of falling for you.
Falling in love.
to love.
to be loved.
or at least..
the love we once had.. or maybe still have
You may have forgotten.
I will.. never.

Here it comes Summer, and I long for Fall 🍁
by JVeverMind April 23, 2022
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Used by people who don't know the past tense for fall is fell
My sister falled down the stairs
by Dr.Trump December 9, 2016
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song by harold edward styles written about louis william tomlinson #larryisreal
I'm falling again.
by larry's child ♡ mary May 19, 2020
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