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One of the grittiest punk bands ever to have produced an album, The Fall (The name is derived from the Albert Camus novel) are led by Mark E. Smith, and have gone through approximately ninety-thousand different members.
This may be due to Mr. Smith's aggressive nature, and tendency to attack Radio One DJs.
Their latest album (at time of writing) is the compilation "50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong".
No. No they can't.
Mark E. Smith - "Well anybody who compares us to the Buzzcocks gets a slug, usually."
Harsh words, but fair.
by NewFaceInHell September 04, 2004
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One of the best fucking bands that has ever existed; that nobody has ever heard of.
The Fall are a great band, and Mark E. Smith is a genius.

Don't call them punk. They're too cool to be punk. Punk rock sucks. The Fall are their own genre.
by Psychomafia September 07, 2008
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In reference to Upstate New York street slang, “The Falls” is the nickname given to the northernmost part of the Capital Region and Albany/Glens Falls Combined Statistical Area. It’s mainly used by people who live in or around “The Falls” aka the cities and towns of Glens Falls, South Glens Falls, Hudson Falls, and occasionally other nearby areas such as Fort Edward, when differentiating between other areas in the Capital Region or when discussing the area in general.
“Where you livin now fam?”

“I just moved outta The Falls now I got a place down in Albany. Crime might be higher but people are way less trashy so I like it.”
by Slang-lish Translator July 21, 2018
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