A story thats supposed to be readable in one sitting. Therefore, short stories usually are less than 50 pages. The 'shortest' short story is "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn". Its a okay short story, as in those six words, you can sense a tragedy, like the baby died, or the mother had a miscarriage. That shows it can be considered a short story, as you got a sense of something from those 6 words.
Mike: I just finished my short story, its 3 pages long.
Liam: Good, as long as it shows a good story, its fine.
by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 18, 2018
Getting less than sex, usually a handjob but could be a blowjob.
I went out w/ Betty last night. I tried to read the novel but she would only give me a short story.
by Douglas The Cat October 28, 2006
Having a small dick! Like Trey from school.
Trey says"Hey My research paper is going to be my dick." Jared says "well trey thats a short story!"
by Short Story May 10, 2016
Something that could have been told in a more concise way but is dragged out because the teller doesn't know how to tell a story. It's a play on the annoying clarifier, "Long story short," people use to sum up a digression, which really never seems to be that short anyway. So instead you say the opposite.
So I was walking into the store the other day, I wanted to get some aspirin because I had this massive headache and I walked down aisle four but they only had Tylenol but that doesn't work and I went to the counter and short story long this guy was holding up the store!
by adk132 December 8, 2009
a short story that takes a long time to tell
*Over complicates story and adds details that are unnecessary.*
"Anyways, long short story..."
*Continues to over complicate story and add details that are unnecessary.*
by user8857 June 21, 2018
A song by From Autumn To Ashes, I'm not gonna put down my opinion of this song because I don't really wanna get into that arguement about if its good or not. It's the 10th and final track on the 2001 album "Too Bad Your Beautiful".
Short Stories With Tragic Endings
"Cry For You, Shed Tears, Morn, Wish The End, Cry For You"
"The Only Reason You Are Here Now Is A Reminder Of What I'll Never Have"
by getalifeandajob January 18, 2009
Taking a long story and summarizing its main points, skipping over unnecessary details
I wanted to tell you all about my amazing day , but long story short, I totaled your car!!
by .PiCe.NuSSy. September 10, 2008