A MMOG so magnificent that it can stop a war, cure the sick, feed the hungry, and bring tranquility to all of the world.
Today a bus was speeding straight at me, I yelled out "Darkfall!" and it stopped instantly.
by Barbot August 24, 2006
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An MMORPG that has been delayed and delayed and will probably never come out.
Jimmy, "Gosh, Bobby, I've been waiting forever for this cool MMORPG called Darkfall you told me about 3 years ago. Is it ever coming out?"

Bobby, "Just keep waiting. Another beta. Maybe another crappy commercial to be released on youtube. But it will come."
by Lord Razzola February 18, 2008
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An MMORPG first mentioned in 2004 as soon coming out, Beta now available!!! Every year it gets backed up, the last release was supposed to be in November of 2008, which never came. And its most likely that Darkfall will never come out. Its just a vapor ware scam.
Hell has a better chance of freezing over than Darkfall being released.

Person 1: I cant wait for Darkfall to come out.
Person 2: Hitler has a better chance of coming back from the dead under the legion of Satan and making us all speak German than that game ever coming out...
by forwardbias July 10, 2009
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A game that finally released in 2009 and is becoming more awesome every day
by darkfallplayer March 17, 2010
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A man who does nothing but sits on the PC and play Darkfall all day every day has not cleaned himself in 2 years because of sweat his room is a lifestyle and its a coom cave
look at that darkfall player aint it like like a century-old he obviously has nothing better to do am I right Garry XD
by terak opp July 23, 2020
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