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Hwang Hyunjin aka the definition of perfection,Talent,beauty,Kind,hardworking,sweet,adorable,angel(sometimes can be a devil tho).
Me: Hwang Hyunjin is literally so perfect and hard-working people should respect and bias him dor his hard work and not only because of his visuals
Someone: IKR!!!!Hwang Hyunjin is so talented I wish he saw himself the way we see :(
by lcvinpanda November 21, 2018
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Zeyna aka the bestest friend in the entire universe and the bestest friend everyone could ask for you, i hope a lot of people will see this, zeyna is the kindest person alive, she has a heart warmer than the sun even tho she claims she has a cold heart, she has been through a lot but shes strong and i know that she will achieve everything in her life, i know that she will find her happiness, shes my world, shes my everything she helped me, she pulled me out of the darkness, people don’t understand her, i wish people could see the real zeyna, i wish people could see her heart, which is full of love for her loved ones,Zeyna if ur reading this know that i love you more than anything and anyone, i promised you that i will never leave now im promosing to the world that i will never ever leave you and i will always be by your side, thank you for caring about me, thank you for loving me,thank you for being by my side,thank you for coming into my life, thank you for existing, thank you for trying to boost my self esteem, thank you for believing in me and in my dreams, thank you for treating me the way that i’ve always wanted, thank you for everything, i love you with my entire heart, please be happy, your happiness is my happiness, you’re my light, i love you more than there are stars in the galaxies and galaxies in the universe, you’re my happiness,te iubesc❤️
Me: Zeyna is gorgeous
Me 2:I love zeyna with my entire heart
Me 3:Zeyna deserves to be happy
Me 4:Zeyna has a heart warmer than the sub
Me 4: i am : WHIPPED
by lcvinpanda January 20, 2019
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