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A male's penis bearing foreskin of exceptional length.
A male's foreskin.

Origin: Nantucket, MA
"Damn.. that's a mean farskeen, look at that wrinkle"
"That's the farthest skeen I've ever seen"
"That's a mean wrinkle of faaarrrrrr"
"Good from a far, far from a skeen" (an unrelated, absurd, assessment of a persons attractiveness loosely stemming this word)
by willsu October 27, 2011
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A man with 2 dicks.

Originally based upon the anatomy Goro, the Mortal Kombat character.
Check out that dude's goro.
by willsu November 13, 2011
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1) n. A cigarette
2) v. The act of smoking a cigarette
3) a. The saturation level of smoke in an enclosed area
n. "Let's go smoke a hut behind the fiend center"
v. "Let's hut one down"
a. "This room is too hutted, I'm outta here"
by willsu October 25, 2011
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