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Husnain is considered one of the Most intellectual guys and also clever but a little detached from others since he likes to work alone or someone who has the same intelligence level as him.Communication is his first priority and at that moment he decides what a person is and fully understands him/her.He is a really dependable friend and loyal too.He is good with girls but he chooses very carefully who will be with him and if he sees a little risk he backs away.he is kind of good looking but he doesn't brag about it.
Oh look! his personality is just like Husnain.
by P.Magnet May 16, 2014
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New age slang word...Perfection at it's finest. Also sometimes used to describe the sensation when one feels a heroin high.
Wow that work is almost Husnain worthy.
by Anonymous1243 January 24, 2007
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Husnains are known for being very homosexual men, known for sucking dick on a daily basis
stop being gay like husnain, he sucks too much dick
by husnain khan January 17, 2016
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