Hurensohn = son of a whore/slut

Aggressive usage, equal to "son of a bitch". Only used on enemies. While talking to buddies "son of a bitch" would be translated with "Hundesohn"(son of a dog).
Du Hurensohn, ich bring dich um!
You son of a bitch i'll kill you!

Dave ist ein gottverdammter Hurensohn!
Dave is a god damn son of a bitch!
by fred123 November 02, 2007
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"Hurensohn" is the German word for "Son of a bitch"
Nickname for a annoying person in the German Enemy Territory Community.
"Gore is a Hurensohn"
by willstar May 10, 2005
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German - Correct translation would be "son of a whore"

Curseword which is used excessively amongst (less educated) minorities. Usually to show disrespect for one another (which is often perceived as "cool" amongst said minorities).

However it is also used amongst friends who know each other well, in order to make fun of before mentioned minorities. It is then not perceived as a curseword anymore but as a universal, funny nickname for men, women and even animals.
Two brothers of middle-eastern descent in any poor area of a major German city:

Brother 1 (Mehmet): "EY! You HURENSOHN! Give me back my football or I will punch you in the nuts"
Brother 2 (Mustafa):" HAHA!!! You stupid HURENSOHN just disrespected yourself by calling your own brother a HURENSOHN!"
by BigBadBastard April 01, 2009
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