1. The son of a prostitute.
2. The son of an unmarried mother, a bastard
3. Somebody objectionable.
"You son of a whore, how could you go behind my back?! How could you betray me like that?!"

Usually used as an alternate for "son of a bitch", although "son of a whore" would be the literal translation of many foreign equivalents:

Spanish: hijo de puta
French: fils de pute
Italian: figlio di puttana
Portuguese: filho da puta
Irish: mac striapaí
Scottish Gaelic: mac strìopaich, mac na galla
Breton: mab c'hast
German: Hurensohn, Dirnensohn
Polish: sukinsyn
Hungarian: kurvafi
Persian: matar jendeh
by Lorelili July 2, 2009
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This is a brach off the russian word sonofawhore

Usually if ur a shit faced cock master or a donkey raping shit eater you are also a son of a whore.. o and plus i would know ur the son of a whore... :)
i fucked ur mom so hard there for you are the son of a whore
by Basketcaserb November 16, 2004
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Someone who is born in a brothel with which the mother is not know.
Christian mother did not come home tonight again what a son of a whore house
by lolitasmile February 26, 2011
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Dave Domadio or anyone that looks, acts, walks, or talks like him
Dave Domadio
by Don Domarko August 9, 2003
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This goes beyond son of a bitch or calling someone a whore, this shows that you are really pissed and won't take it anymore, used for both men or women with this one.
your boss writes emails behind your back about your production, "son of a fucking whore bitch!"
you get in trouble at school, and when you get home, your dad yells "son of a fucking whore bitch" cause he knows you're the milk mans
by assbiscuit November 19, 2007
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Used when 'son-of-a-bitch' is just not insulting enough.
"goddamn, you son-of-a-cock-loving-whore!"
by BlurredLines May 19, 2014
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