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A Huppie is a cross between a Hippie and a Yuppie. They are married and have two or more children. One or more may be adopted. They own their home and both parents work. Although, one or both works part-time so they don't have to hire help with raising their children. They may have paid help with the house cleaning but not regularly. Their homes are never really, really dirty...but often disheveled and rarely perfect. They often drive a Subaru station wagon with 4WD and racks. They may have one car and share. They may have one "family" car and one sedan. They often own bicycles with baby carriages attached. They are very well set up with technology. They often buy organic foods and shop at their local farmer's market. Huppies will just as comfortably shop at a national grocer and buy conventional foods. They probably don't shop at WalMart. They seem to like Costco. They often wear outdoor athletic gear purchased from REI or some place similar - especially while walking their children in 3-wheeled strollers. They often have more than one bank account, investments and are fully insured. Both men and women are often very attractive and in good health. Some of the women are very thin. The women often grow their hair fairly long and then have it cut and donated for wigs for cancer patients. They often have multiple college degrees. They are often content and rarely fully expressive. Most of their friends are also Huppies. They are mainly urban or suburban dwellers. They occasionally volunteer and donate money to charitable causes. They are not activists.
No one famous. Famous people are often too rich to be Huppies. Examples can be spotted throughout the world. They often vacation at eco-tourist destinations.
by mother nature 911 February 07, 2009
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A Yuppie, who for superficial reasons, consider themselves to be a Hippie.
A Yuppie who thinks moving to the country, eating organic food & wearing sarongs, makes them a hippy, even though they shower daily, drive a Lexus & play the stock market.

Tired of city living, a Yuppie who craves a "Laid Back" country lifestyle, yet refuses to let go of capitalist/consumeristic ideals.

A Yuppie in denial.
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A hippie who's become rich. Combination of the words "hippie" and "yuppie".
by chaos_by_design March 09, 2004
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A hipster who has grown up and is now a young urban professional: a Hipster Urban Professional.
Those Of Montreal tickets are fifty bucks? Only huppies can afford that!
by Joshaviah October 23, 2010
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New born Huskies. Almost all puppies of all breeds look alike even in terms of size but Husky new borns can be distinguished easily.
I found myself step-fathering a dozen of huppies last week.
by ampermetre July 10, 2016
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