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An amazing indie rock band from Athens, Georgia. Mellow, bubbly, euphoric.
Of Montreal is so groovy.
by Joshua Franklin October 13, 2006
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A congregation of musically talented individuals that create psychedelic indie rock from Athens, GA. They happen to be one of the most underrated bands of all time. Front man Kevin Barnes is a lyrical genius and true entertainer. Don't be surprised when your eye drums orgasm from such splendid bizarre sounds.
Fred: I went to an of Montreal concert last night and it felt like

I went to some sort of broad way musical with a sexual


Bill: Sounds intense

Fred: It was, especially the encore involving a sexual torture

by oMowl87 February 18, 2011
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Probably the only indie band out there worth listening to. They will eventually reach great popularity and be the talk of all teen girls. Kevin Barnes prances around stage in flashy outfits and singing lyrics that consist of high vocabulary words while the rest of the band plays upbeat songs (and also wear flashy outfits). Listening to Of Montreal will place you in a stage of complete bliss but most importantly, it will be the best psychedelic experience you've ever had.
Teen Girl - "OMG! Have you heard this new band called Of Montreal!!!!?? They're like so hip!"

Of Montreal Fan Girl - "Yeah, I've liked them for years poser."
by Marialejandra March 05, 2007
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