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The time of year where most guys named Andre go sit in the woods for no good fucking reason knowing damn well they won’t shoot a fucking deer
Andre: sup cunt boyz, it’s hunting season!
Friends: Andre you have never shot a deer.

Andre: yes I have!

Friends: Andre the only thing you’ve shot is a load of cum in your own ass hole
by HugeHunterWithTinyPenis September 14, 2019
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The 3/4 of the month when a girl is *not* on the rag.
Sorry dude, it's not hunting season down south. Can you wait a few days?
by badpoet November 23, 2003
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A season in which it is completely legal to hunt, kill, and eat furries. This Season takes place from January 1- July 27.
Me:Yo looks like y'all restocked eh?
Furry Meat Dealer: Yeah Furry Hunting Season Just ended.
by Nether Slayer The Word Maker January 30, 2020
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By far the best hunting season there is!! it runs from January 1st THROUGH December 31st ...... this season is ONLY takes place in the following places:

North America
South America
All Waters Between These Places

The only item that is allowed to be used to catched the midgets is a net.
My friends and I saw a midget, wearing purple, riding a bike past papa gino's..... unfortunately, no one had a net handy ::tear::
by Koala Beer November 7, 2004
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well you get a tater gun load it with a net and when you see a midget walking down the street you shoot him with the gun the net will capture him and you jump on him real fast and tie his arms and legs together grab the end of the net and beat him on the ground real hard till it knocks him out then take him to the taxidermy and get him stuff and put him on the wall until and you find a shorter one its a world wide sport
hunter: come here you little midget
midget: your never gonna catch me you big....person
hunter:im gonna catch you little shit
midget:run run run you cant catch me im the ginger bread man
hunter: for those little legs you can run pretty fast
*boom* the net catches the midget
midget screams
hunter: just like catchin howgs in the old days *spits*
by big redneck August 5, 2006
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