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Someone who holds the ball or puck too long and doesn't pass.
Jay thinks he is Jordan. He isn't giving up the ball. He is such a hungo.
by Forba March 22, 2007
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To be extremely hungry; famished or starving.
Man 1 : Hey man, let's go get some lunch!!
Man 2 : Relax man, it is only 10:30.
Man 1 : But I am fucking hungos!!
Man 2 : Oh, in that case, let's get you taken care of.
by Gene Hurtzko November 05, 2009
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An abbreviation for how you feel after a long, long eventful night of drinking (raging). Often expressed in a calm manner to justify to your friends why you

a) missed plans with them/showed late and looked like hell

b) just ate lots of greasy food or

c) just want to do weird stuff that makes you feel somewhat more human all day
*call* "where are you? we are late for you to meet my mom at brunch"
"sorry, i am so hungo, i need to pull myself together. Give me 10 min."
by sunshinen August 14, 2011
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