The name given to fictional characters when you can't remember the real name.
Yea the guy who played in that movie Rhino or something like that.
by The Burt of Punta Dilla Shorts December 27, 2006
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A farfanusen.
farfanusen! mean Prince Humperdink duh
by Con-chan January 12, 2012
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Rugged optional extra battery power for the humperdink double-sided sex toy, connects via a long stretchy cable.
Brenda wasn't totally satisfied with the standard humperdink and wanted something more, she got herself a humperdink module.
by Josh Lips December 06, 2009
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A dog, usually a Chihuahua or an Italian Greyhound in either a gimp suit or in some sort of bondage attire, that is brought out of a cage and placed in front of an unsuspecting victim for the sole purpose of humping the victims leg until completion.
by Colonel Curtz February 09, 2021
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