Humor: This is the form in which anything considered "funny" can be classified. Wether it be light, dark or bizzare, humor is widely recognized in all facettes.

Humor: A fictional hedgehog character found on Deviant art.com
"Man.. that guy made me laugh.."
"thats cus he had a good sense of humor"

"so he cut off his leg!" *fit of laughter*
"damn dude... that's real dark humor.."
by Snailpotpie April 27, 2009
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A trait that someone can have. Humor means very funny! Usually people with humor love to laugh, and make others laugh as well! People with humor are great use for cheering up! If you have a friend with lots of humor, your very lucky!
(Person With Humor)--> "Look I'm being stupid" *Does very funny dance and pretends to fall on face."

by Erica Beliese April 07, 2013
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used when describing that something is very funny, comes from slang developed in the city of santa monica
Did you see that new movie. That shit was so humor.
by Charles November 17, 2003
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Something make someone laugh,same as comedy&jokes.
Humor usually funny,and some people have talent to make humor and jokes.
Anthony:Do you know how to get humor?
Jonathan:Maybe searching on sites.
Anthony:I think books is better
by I forget my name September 15, 2011
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The use of language or actions to induce laughter. Can be in many forms. slapstick wit sarcasm comedy irony as well as many others.

Also used to describe a mood.
Cindy exhibits good humor when she tells her boyfriend, "Sure, I will happily give you head."
by _name_ June 24, 2006
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