Hull is such a sh*thole that even if you wanted to go there you have to pay a toll because the government can't guarantee that you will live. You could go by train, oh no wait you can't because no train driver wants to go there.
"I want to go to Hull!"

"Did you hit your head?!"
by oonoo May 27, 2018
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Hull is a city in the North East of England (East Riding of Yorkshire). During 2017 Kingston upon Hull, to give the city itso full name, has carried the title of City Of Culture. During the years prior to this Hull'so centre underwent a major revamp and gained extra features. It is both a lovely place to live and visit, with a range of not only museums, but two theatres, several cinemas, and shopping centres. History was changed thanks to John Hotham at Hull's Beverley Gate, back when the residents were protected by a wall and the king was turned away, come and see where this happened. Hull has so much history. Love Hull it has a lot to offer.
Hull was made a city in 1299.
by Tardigrade72 October 29, 2017
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A special persons camp way of pronouncing Paul, that could not be any further away from the actual name it’s great
What’s your name? Paul , Hull yeh? No it’s Paul , Hull? Fucking Paul
by Mearlyyeh October 23, 2019
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Hull is a city in the north east of England. Often slagged off by the entire population of Britain, Hull isn’t an entirely bad place. Named city of culture 2017, Hull has redeemed itself; building shopping centres such as st Stephens, and princes quay, and completely re doing the town centre. Hull is vibrant and unique. You would not recognise it 5/6 years ago.

Yes, there are still druggies and chavs roaming the streets, but go to any city and there will be. The education system has been completely transformed, with 75% 5 GCSE pass rate, and an excellent university. All of you that hate Hull and slag us off, come spend a day here and see how your opinion is changed.
It’s never dull in Hull!
by aVeryNorthernLass July 06, 2018
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n: a hull is the leader of a 'barnacle' or group of 'barnacles'. He/she will be supported and served by his/her barnacles no matter what the circumstance/request made. He is often more proficient than his barnacles or at least projects his superiority in whatever arena they reside in. Most often the hull/barn relationship is found in card game communities (Magic the Gathering) or the MMORPG realm (World of Warcraft.)

This name originates from the tendency for barnacles (a marine organism) to latch on to the undersides of ships (otherwise known as a hull) to provide mobility.
Ex. 1

Bob: Where did you get all of those water essences, Fred?

Fred the Hull: Branden farmed them for me.

Bob: Why??

Fred the Hull: Because I'm the hull.

by teh0memak3r October 18, 2006
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Hull a place full of beauty Home to the Best bridge in the world. Better then Leeds anyways CAPITAL OF YORKSHIRE
by Djjsjej June 29, 2020
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