Used as a fake name in any given situations, usually on the internet or a prank, Hugh Jass is meant to sound like "Huge Ass" during when said during everyday speech.
Hugh (Joe): Hello, my name is Hugh Jass.
Frank: Huge what??
by AnOffshorePrawn December 6, 2007
She's got a Hugh Jass
by Kyle April 7, 2003
A very fine gentleman who is friends with Benjamin Dover. He lived in the town of deez. He is also know for being in the 1989 film loose sassle.
P1:Hey Hugh Jass is so cool
P1:Bruh he is friends with Benjamin Dover and was the lead role in the 1989 film loose lassle
by DeezFatJuicyNuts November 11, 2021
a name zoom bombers use in the meeting there bombing and is disguissed from the sentence huge ass
a zoom bomber was in our zoom class and his screen name was hugh jass
by oiygggggggggggggggggggggg February 7, 2021
a harvard graduate most well known for his book titled, "the adventures of joe and jenna". which was published on the summer of 1994 to most bookstores in the midwest united states.
I can't believe that book by HUGH JASS, have you happen to have read it yet?
by BenjaminDoverfan6472 October 21, 2020
The famous boxing match in 1987 between Hugh Jass and Ben Dover.
The fight in 1987 was crazy! They should have of called it The Best Fight instead of Hugh Jass VS Ben Dover
by NoImZaiah March 1, 2022