Hristo is so funny and charming. Probably wanna go with Hristo. The beast time you'll ever have.
by KKirra January 7, 2018
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a person with a constant throbbing erection
I was so horny I couldn't stop having sex last night - I went full Hristo!
by VeronicaPetrovska August 8, 2017
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The sexiest living creature in the world
The most gorgeous,smart,beautiful and coolest guy in the world, Hristo’s are just a different breed
Look at Hristo,he’s so cute and handsome
by Qeatt November 21, 2021
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Hristo, usually a Bulgarian name. Hristo loves playing games and is the best person in the world. You’re lucky to have a hristo in your life! Hristo is sweet, loving, caring and thoughtful, all though it may not seem like it at first. Defensive over the ones they love, and will always try their best to comfort you. Hristo would give you the world if they could, and give everything that they could possibly offer to you. Hristo has been through some hard times, and this has lead them on into trust issues, but if they trust you,they’ll give you the world. Hristos are the most amazing. handsome, funniest, prettiest, loveliest, most cutest guy you’ll ever meet. If you have a hristo in your life, cherish him<3
“i have a Hristo as a friend!”
aw man lucky you!! They’re the best people on the planet”
by sechai April 10, 2022
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The best Greek man you will ever meet. Has the kindest heart anyone could ever have, and will make you fall in love with just one look. If you ever have the chance to meet him you are one lucky human. He has the most beautiful and mesmerizing eyes you’ll ever see, with a striking gaze that locks with you. He’s also the hardest working guy and is undeniably a genius. He is a Greek freak. And I love him with every ounce of my being.
Oh my goodness Hristos’s is so gorgeous.
by BuhhhhhSH May 7, 2019
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