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Like Santa spreading Christmas magic, Ms. Hoyt has touched the east, midwest, and west coast with her drunken antics, which she is dearly loved for. It may start innocently enough with some glasses of pinot noir, but you can bet your bottom dollar that by the end of the night 1 shot or 7 of cazadores will be happening. Hilarity and usually karaoke ensues, and by the next morning you may find yourself asking when the end of the night really happened. Never a dull moment, if you’re out with this girl you’re sure to get Hoyted.
*stumbles out of the bar with a broken flip flop* “That girl’s been Hoyted.”
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by Challahatyourgirl May 02, 2018
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hoyted (or to hoyt), when a media sales rep brings food for a breakfast or lunch meeting with clients and stashes food in his briefcase before the clients arrive.
Will hoyted the Potbelly breakfast sandwhich in his bag prior to the start of his meaning.
by Foxy Fox 1234 November 21, 2013
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