An amazing British girl group, that despite coming from a reality show and having numerous haters, have released four studio albums and a greatest hits. Have had three #1's and hold the record for the 'Most Top 10 Singles By A Girl Group' in the United Kingdom.
Girls Aloud are well good, have you heard their new album yet?
by BambooBanga November 24, 2007
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British girl group. Formed on Popstars: The Rivals (kind of like american/british Idol). Manufactured pop, but the decent kind. Sometimes the lyrics don't make sense, but they are all amazingly talented. Their music is fun to listen to if you like pop. If you don't, then whatever. They're like the newer Spice Girls.
Person 1: Whatcha listening to?
Person 2: Girls Aloud
Person 1: Sweet, can I listen?
Person 2: Sure.
by iheartumuch December 16, 2007
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A massively succesful girl group with the Guinness World Record for most consecutive top ten hits and most successful reality TV band. Also amazingly pretty and down-to-earth. Just 5 gorgeous girlies.
Girls Aloud are the best girl band in the UK.
by NadolaNess January 17, 2008
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The Finest and Fittest girls ever!
Dem Girls Aloud really knwo how to work it blood!
by Veh March 23, 2004
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god you bind twats! they have NO talent and are so covered in makeup they look like well...chavs, which is all they are, so please dont compliment them. they suck.
by bitchybitch March 29, 2005
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stupid manufactured bubblegum pop group. Complete wannabes who cant sing and like to diss other bands and other singers. Complete chavs, rely on their looks to sell records, and even dissed a show identical to the one they were created on, they are fame base consists mainly of ten year olds. They dont write their own songs, it would be a blessing if they were shot into space and never seen or heard of ever again....
randomer: You going to the girls aloud concert then?
randomer 2: I would rather eat my own feaces than listen to a scrawny group of chavs trying to lip sync to a 'song' whilst getting it on with some chairs
randomer: I guess your right....
by moonylunar December 21, 2005
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An oxymoron if ever there was one - a Popstars/Pop Idol band that people gave a flying fuck about come their second album. Especially Louis Walsh, as he could (and should, lets be honest) retire on the money they roll in for him.

Also seem to have been chosen for FHM centrefolds more than anything else: Cheryl has large breats (and a mean right hook, just ask that toilet attendant), Nicola has nice legs, Nicola is the obligitory ugly one...and I forgot which of the other two is which, but one has a nice ass, and the other is a good all rounder.
Watch one of their videos and notice that, rather than miming, Cheryl is stooping to show off her cleavage etc.
by OD Smith May 10, 2005
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