The act of unexpectedly not showing up for an event, particularly within hours of saying you will show up. Pronounced "Hoots".
"Is Kelly going to show up or not? Well he called me ten minutes ago... I think we just got houtsed"
by acheron0 September 13, 2008
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The act of being hot and cute at the same time when together or going out to places.
Did you see Jon and Kate together yet? They are so houte together! I'm way jealous of them.
by jonny baby September 24, 2010
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wood as used as timber or making fire
Indians searching in forrest for dry wood (hout) to make a fire.
by Gilbert van Houten May 26, 2008
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Get the hell out. A term most typically used by a manager that has detected an employee that isn't performing.
Really? You play World of Warcraft when you're supposed to be managing the drive up window. Hout!
by tzdevil June 2, 2011
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a bitch who uploaded a video of her abusing her poor innocent dog on youtube. She needs to be taken down from Youtube and her poor dog needs to be taken away from her. She is the most hated youtuber
Brooke Houts is a dog abuser
by Brock Lesnar Fan August 9, 2019
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A dumb ass bitch who accidentally uploaded a video of her abused her 10 month old doberman.

In the video you can see her walk out of the frame but you can still see her in her T.V reflection and she's kicking and hitting her dog.

what a idiot lmao
Brooke Houts is a girl who abuses dogs
by Brooke Houts is CANCELED August 18, 2019
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A Youtuber who abuses her dog
Did you hear about Brooke Houts?
Yeah, she’s a piece of shit
by FaZe_Doge_777 August 8, 2019
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