Originally from NYC a term used by bike messengers and community of fixed gear riders.

- When you’re riding a fixed gear bike with no brakes and cant/dont want to stop for red lights.
Man, i hotlined every set of lights just to get the package here on time.
by Majk Mailer August 23, 2020
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calling someone at bootycall hours to have phone sex probably because you couldnt make it to there house to have sex. usually masterbating to what the other person is saying untill you bust a nut.
My mom stayed up all night so i couldnt sneak out for my booty call so i just got on the hotline
by Beautifulscorpio07 April 24, 2007
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Those girls are hotlins!
by a hot student June 9, 2006
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Hotlining is when you report someone's post on a social media website as suicidal or violent, leading to that social media sending a notification to the person with the anti-suicide hotline.
Dude 1: "Hey, did you see Kenna's post about suicide?"
Dude 2: "Yeah, she totally got hotlined after that, bro."
by alex_the_cuck October 18, 2017
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Said so that a co-worker doesn't call your company's Ethics and Compliance Hotline on you after you've said something that could get you fired if it was reported.

Similar to no homo.
Hey man, the new receptionist's Facebook picture is hot. I'mma have to beat off to that shit. No Hotline.

Yo man, let's take our lunch break early today. I'm so high right now. No Hotline.
by Young Bowsk October 12, 2009
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A hyper violent top down neon 16bit shooter where you receive mysterious phone calls to eliminate the russian mafia in Miami, FL

Do you like hurting people? Then this is the game for you.
David: Have you played hotline Miami?

John: Oh I love that PAYDAY DLC

David: No John, No
by BootlegRenard June 15, 2015
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"Phone Ring"

The definition of this term is actually completely black and white. Drake's words actually translate directly.

Hotline = Phone
Bling = Ring

One could state he is singing "I know when that cell phone ring, that can only mean one thing". It just so happens that in this song he is referring to a booty call as is affirmed by the mention of "late night when you need my love"

The term itself does NOT mean "booty call". Your hotline could bling any time of the day and it could be your boss or even your mother.
"Yo dude are you ever gonna answer that? I can hear your hotline blingin from the other room over and over ."

"Nah man its my Lil sister, she's buggin me for a ride but I cbf right now."
by Avsynthe November 18, 2015
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