"Peace" or "I come in Peace" it is a common greeting with people well versed in true world history.
Hotep brothers & sisters, today we will discuss...
by Brother Enki January 12, 2011
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(adj, noun) Refers to an individual or an action that centers largely conspiratorial, often bigoted, notions of Afrocentrism, or the scholarship of the contribution of African peoples, very specifically Black Africans and the resulting diaspora. For many Black Americans, many of whom are descendants of chattel slavery, who are aggressively deprived of historical and contemporary cultural contributions lean into some excessive interpretations of Afrocentrism, which undergird hotep views. These views are often criticized both on factual merits and latent insensitivities.

For instance, hotep ideology informs a range of extremist groups such as the Black Israelites, who are recognized as an antisemetic group by the Anti-Defamation League, to smaller acts of individualized bigots, such as Nick Cannon, Kyrie Irving, Kanye West's controversies, or the various conspiracy theories that Black Africans were the true inventors of or first inhabitants of other continents and things, and the denial that human beings with differing levels of melanin in their epidermis existed in places like North Africa/Middle East, Ireland, or the Americas first.

Hotep Views range in problematics from individually silly to revisionist and extremist erasure.
Kyrie Irving, Kanye West and Nick Cannon all got criticized for making various anti-semetic hotep comments.
by The Realreal November 7, 2022
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Pseudo afrocentric individual...trying hard to be down with whatever movement is popular at the moment but really is an a moral person with usually a drinking or drug problem. They want to feel like they are for their people but really are about nothing.
Tyrone is a Hotep dude trying all the time to be righteous and educated but he really is an unemployed alcoholic who likes to listen to old school music.
by Observer E.N.Y. February 19, 2023
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Hotep is a slang term for a Black man, or his ideas, who is down for "the struggle" against established powers and for freedom, but only so far as that it helps them, and no farther. They aren't truly principled, they're merely selfish and happen to be in the out group in their society.
"Look I voted for Obama, I wanted a Black man as President. But Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court? I don't know think we need more women and Latin people in positions of power."

"That is some hotep bullshti Tryone."
by HueyFreedman September 15, 2023
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Hotep is an adjective, noun, and verb. Some might define Hotep as negative on this platform, but the truth is: An Hotep described person is conscious. Sometimes misunderstood, could be sensitive to his or her surrounding, and communicates his/her views with certainty. They live a disciplined lifestyle and typically doesn’t take breaks for being their righteous selves. It’s also another way of describing an orthodox person in any given religion.. do it by the book and seen as strict, and sometimes obsessed with living a virtuous life.
Jah is a Hotep man, he will not use that spoon if it was used in pot with meat. He will use natural products, might even sell them, and he smells like essential oils and frankincense! Hi might even great you by saying, “Peace!” Which is never a bad thing!
by @mt.regal33 July 17, 2022
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Digging up obscure facts or news from the media or internet to try to prove a dumb point or theory is actually factual.
Please stop Hotepping, OJ is not married to a Kardashian no matter what that meme says.
by AminRa April 30, 2019
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From "Imhotep", someone who has got a little carried away in their support for Afrocentrism and has taken on board a variety of conspiracy theories and pseudo/cryptohistory connected with it. Making a big fuss about it might be seen as racist in some quarters though, like those folks who insist on using "niggardly" all the time.
hoteps be embarrassing me on facebook fam
by nouiknouik August 10, 2017
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