"Peace" or "I come in Peace" it is a common greeting with people well versed in true world history.
Hotep brothers & sisters, today we will discuss...
by Brother Enki January 12, 2011
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1. A conservative, religious, conspiracy loving, "family values" enthusiast who is also way to much into black pride, to the point of being a black supremacist. basically the black answer to MAGA hats.
Hoteps associate black identity with patriarchal family structure, viewing homosexuality and transgenderism as a sin and a disorder, and generally viewing social progress as a mean to emasculate the black, straight male.

Louis Farrakhan is the ultimate example for this type of black man.
2. an ancient Egyptian greeting meaning peace, similar to Salam in Arabic and Shalom in Hebrew.
Hotep Uncle: Hi girl, How you gonna find a good, black, husband when you dressed like a Lesbian?
normal-ass cousin: I am a lesbian uncle, and here comes my Asian girlfriend.
Hotep Uncle: You are brainwashed by the Jewish media, Ill pray for you.
by pizzamaster August 11, 2021
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A conspiracy-loving, probably anti-Semitic, conservative pro-lifer who believes in "family values", but is also Black and into black-pride a bit to much. Basically the black answer to M.A.G.A hats.

originates from Imhotep, which was an ancient Egyptian white guy.
Uncle Dion: Hi cous, you know when you dress like a lesbian betray your African roots, you won't find a decent husband that way. don't you go on drinking from the poisoned fountain that is the Jewish media
me: Didn't know your a Hotep uncle dion
by pizzamaster August 09, 2021
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Digging up obscure facts or news from the media or internet to try to prove a dumb point or theory is actually factual.
Please stop Hotepping, OJ is not married to a Kardashian no matter what that meme says.
by AminRa April 29, 2019
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From "Imhotep", someone who has got a little carried away in their support for Afrocentrism and has taken on board a variety of conspiracy theories and pseudo/cryptohistory connected with it. Making a big fuss about it might be seen as racist in some quarters though, like those folks who insist on using "niggardly" all the time.
hoteps be embarrassing me on facebook fam
by nouiknouik August 10, 2017
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A hotep nigga is a guy that uses his knowledge of conspiracy theories or his "consciousness" to get with women.
For example

John : I can balance those Chakras for you ;)
Brittney: you sound like a hotep nigga
by KiloV January 05, 2016
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It is when someone who is pseudo "woke", likes to start arguments in comments with copying and pasting most used hotep phrases and history lesson in long paragraphs as if they wrote it themselves.
Here comes De rah akkmon with his nonsense, spewing out hotep cliff notes on why black people should not watch shark tank.
by Jujubeewildin February 15, 2019
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