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"Peace" or "I come in Peace" it is a common greeting with people well versed in true world history.
Hotep brothers & sisters, today we will discuss...
by Brother Enki January 12, 2011
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Christianity is a slave religion and the imaginary figure Jesus is the master. Free yourself from the last bond of slavery....

Hotep People....Shed light to the religious, because the poisons that religion has produced are conquering and infiltrating all facets of consciousness!!!
Religion threatens and terrifies
Spirituality gives you inner peace
Religion speaks of sin and of fault
Spirituality encourages "living in the present" and not to feel remorse for which has already passed - Lift your spirit and learn from errors.....This is the "Hotep" was of living!!
by I AM HOTEP! September 04, 2016
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An Afrocentric brotha, usually insecure, who claims to be "woke", but actually isn't. Unless you are a straight black man, in a Hotep's eyes, you are responsible for the destruction of "The Black Community". Misogynistic, Homophobic, Transphobic, Conspiracy Theory Afficionado, he will fill your head up with so much pseudo-science and ill-researched historical "facts" you'll be ready to bash his head in with a Google search engine.

The worst offenders of Misogynoir and a Black Woman's headache.
Hotep: My beautiiful Ebony Nubian Ethiopian Niburu Goddess Queen of Egypt Cleopatra! Why must you wear the hair of the Europeans, or wear such revealing clothing? Why be Eye Candy when you can be Soul Food?
Black Woman: Can you let me eat my food in peace, you fucking weirdo?
by LiterarySmartass January 04, 2018
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From "Imhotep", someone who has got a little carried away in their support for Afrocentrism and has taken on board a variety of conspiracy theories and pseudo/cryptohistory connected with it. Making a big fuss about it might be seen as racist in some quarters though, like those folks who insist on using "niggardly" all the time.
hoteps be embarrassing me on facebook fam
by nouiknouik August 10, 2017
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