Hot Fire- adj.
1.Meaning good shit
2. Of excellent quality
3. What "Dylan Spits"
originaly used in the old days of rap.
Became main stream when used on the David Chapelle Show.

OK susan? do you know what it means now?
AYO that shit is "HOT FIRE"!

YO, this hydro is "HOT FIRE"!

HEY Wyclef, do you want some of this "HOT FIRE"!?!
by ICEMAN from Longmeadow December 6, 2004
100 degrees leather jacket ‘cause I’m supa hot boyy OHHHHHHHHHH
Supa hot fire is from Hotsville, Mars
by FortniteFan368 November 5, 2018
1.) Ice's favorite past time
2.) Party with the captain
Ice is gunna Hot Fire tonight!
by Z-Rated December 7, 2004
Something delicious or satisfying.

When something convenient or pleasant takes place.
Damn, this sandwich is bomb. It's straight hot fire flame Bruh.
by Finzi February 3, 2017
I broke up with my ex girl,
here's her number.

that's the wrong number!
supa hot fire gave the wrong number to b-bone
by mar aytida September 8, 2019