In its most basic definition, labeling something as "hot garbage" is used when just calling it garbage (trash, rubbish, crap, shit, something of low quality) is too good for it.

It can be used to describe anything: movies, shows, music, politics, you name it. That's it.
All these other examples are hot garbage.
by BornAgainDragon September 28, 2018
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Hot Garbage

Definition: Something made with the utmost intention to be really good, ends up being hilariously bad to the point you say "Its soo bad its good. Here's my money"
Gods of Egypt is Hot Garbage. You'll love it.
by ice76cold January 12, 2017
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This is a person who has a sloppydemeanor and/or does not take care of themselves properly, but is found to still be attractive despite their garbageways.
Brtholomew: Hey Samsonite! Check this girl out. Looks like she got in a fight with a cougerin a mud wrestlingpit, but she's kind of hot.

Samsonite: Yeah man, she is straight up hot garbage.
by Manykains October 6, 2009
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a girl who at one time was extremely good looking..... and then became a slut...but is still good looking
hot slut walks by...

Look at that piece of Hot Garbage
by Slovak_Ghost July 15, 2008
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An idea or suggestion so highkey garbage that you wonder why anyone suggested in the first place
Dave: "Bsizzle let's play ultimate chicken horse"
Bsizzle:"That idea is hot garbage"
by KingKuntaKip August 6, 2018
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Some who is really really bad at something but thinks that are not as bad as they actually are.
Max is hot garbage at basketball, he airballs every shot and thinks he has an important role on the team.
by Ryan Pehlan February 27, 2018
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