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This term identifies those individuals who despite their obesity and/or other types of oversized body parts continue to display a level of hotness that surpasses most expectations. This subset of culture maintains a fresh fashion look, and never hesitates to wear tight fitting tops/bottoms , high heels , and any other accessory sometimes dubbed "unfit" for such a person. They will most likely maintain a good skin complexion, beautiful hair , and a pretty mouth. It is not uncommon to find these lovely ladies at work, on the go, or at a club.
While on lunch break John and Venkat were discussing bland topics when the latest new hire entered the room. John said to Venkat "check out hot fatness looking sexy in that skirt that's 2 sizes too small". Venkat replied "weird how she can look so good with her clothes on, I'd hit that".
by Dman5000 February 20, 2013
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