A term that is used to describe a man or woman who despite being a little fat, is still quite hot and attractive. A male can maintain hotness whilst being fat due to muscularity and facial attractiveness. A female can sustain hotness while being chubby by having an attractive face and voluptuous curves in the right places.
Yo that dude is kinda fat but he’s still pretty hot. He’s a hot fat.

Wow that chick is a big ol broad, but damn she’s still hot. She’s a hot fat.
by Casualfat October 30, 2017
Used to describe the unique phenomenon when you cannot figure out if a girl is hot or fat. Think about it.
I can't tell if that weekend news anchor is hot or fat. She's hot fat.
by andersonland.org June 12, 2006
This term identifies those individuals who despite their obesity and/or other types of oversized body parts continue to display a level of hotness that surpasses most expectations. This subset of culture maintains a fresh fashion look, and never hesitates to wear tight fitting tops/bottoms , high heels , and any other accessory sometimes dubbed "unfit" for such a person. They will most likely maintain a good skin complexion, beautiful hair , and a pretty mouth. It is not uncommon to find these lovely ladies at work, on the go, or at a club.
While on lunch break John and Venkat were discussing bland topics when the latest new hire entered the room. John said to Venkat "check out hot fatness looking sexy in that skirt that's 2 sizes too small". Venkat replied "weird how she can look so good with her clothes on, I'd hit that".
by Dman5000 February 20, 2013
The basic term fat hot or ‘FH’ for short is a girl with over grown tits, solid thighs, firm skin, who generally has a flattish stomach and if skinny would be considered highly attractive. A fat hot at some time or another has either naturally became a FH or she has had a healthy appetite and eaten the right food groups to increase fat hot qualities.
Most guys in their younger years (less than 25) shy away from admitting they are a FH fan and generally lie and say they were sideways and accidently put away a fatty. The big appeal however is that most have a tight pussy - mainly due to fat restricting their vagina’s tubular tract. When humping they are very comfy rides, supported by the wide thighs and hips. Then a lot of fun can be had playing with the enormous warlocks bouncing around as you pound her. It is also commonly acceptable to talk to a FH’s melons instead of her face and motorboat them at will.
Frayz: Bro just walking back from the store and saw a sweet fat hot walking toward me.
Roots: Ah man we defo have to find the source in the weekend
Frayz: Yeah think i'm still a bit mesmerised by her udder ripple
by r2ster May 30, 2012
1. noun an overweight or heavyset female who exhibits some form of attractiveness, despite her large size. Often used to defend actions performed with said female.
She wasn't that big, she had fat hotness.
by Brendan Rice April 10, 2006
A woman that is a bit curvatious, yet still attractive.
Hamish: Rachel is a fat AND ugly.
Carl: Nah, she's fat hot. I could butter those thighs.
by juppo47 January 13, 2007
Someone that is fat, but would be considered attractive if one's standards were lowered just enough.
Derek: I'd never do that girl.
Robert: Yeah, she's fat.
*3 hours later*
Fat hot girl: That was mediocre.
Derek: Don't tell my friends.
by insouciance April 2, 2009