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A term that is used to describe a man or woman who despite being a little fat, is still quite hot and attractive. A male can maintain hotness whilst being fat due to muscularity and facial attractiveness. A female can sustain hotness while being chubby by having an attractive face and voluptuous curves in the right places.
Yo that dude is kinda fat but he’s still pretty hot. He’s a hot fat.

Wow that chick is a big ol broad, but damn she’s still hot. She’s a hot fat.
by Casualfat October 30, 2017
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Used to describe the unique phenomenon when you cannot figure out if a girl is hot or fat. Think about it.
I can't tell if that weekend news anchor is hot or fat. She's hot fat.
by June 12, 2006
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A girl that is hot because she is a little fat and the fat is what makes her hot.
Is that a hotfat girl? –No that’s a fatfat girl.

I hope there are hatfats at this party.
by tracyjwow January 28, 2012
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