The act of casually grazing another persons body, male or female, with your penis. This act usually occurs unintentionally in crowded settings, ex. Movie theatres, stadium seating. Although it can occur intentionally!
“Brandon’s crotch rubbed all over the back of that old lady’s head when he was trying to get to his seat at the game!”

“Yeah, he HOT DICKED her”
by IWannaTalkToSampson December 19, 2019
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When a guy has an untreated STD(s) and gives it to others through unprotected sex.
Ew! You had sex with Travis? He has a hot dick. You better get yourself tested.
by Kankake Storm September 26, 2015
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Synonym for hot sex. The act of dicking is defined as engaging in intercourse.
by Arielesbian July 30, 2006
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Hot Dickings is the noun that is the action of giving it to another but in a fiery intense way and came about though the cartoon show of Dr. Tran. A common misuse of the word is to use it as a verb such as to go dickings or dicking someone instead of to give them a dicking.
Such as "He was just passing them out, "Hot Dickings!"
by Davey Browne March 8, 2008
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a hot dicking is what several of the cadets in my pod give me when they're horny.
Some of my buddies take care of their morning wood by giving me a hot dicking!
by eda-skip October 5, 2021
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A Game in which you drive up to an unsuspecting person, scream "HOT DICKS" and drive away.
by Jufarius87 December 28, 2011
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while doing it doggy style take your lipper out of your mouth and spit it all over the girls back. pull your dick out and wipe it all around and put it back in her.
my vag is still burning from last night from the cajun hot dick
by Andrew Freeman March 13, 2008
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