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A pass usually in a contact sport such as football, lacrosse and hockey, that usually leaves the receiver of the pass injured because they were trying to receive the pass and while concentrating on the pass got the shit knocked out of them. This often occurs in football when the quarter back throws a lob and the receiver is concentrated on catching the ball and the safety comes and hits him very hard. Also occurs in lacrosse and hockey. Most hospital passes are justified as a legitimate attempt to win the game, while some are for that one person on the team you really hate and hope they get injured trying to receive this pass. Common injuries resulting from hospital passes are Conclusion and loss consciousness, broken ribs, and bruises.
Play by play man: And Tom Brady takes the snap, he throws a high lob to randy moss. . . and . . . oh my goodness randy moss just got knocked out. That was one heck of a hospital pass by Tom Brady. I hope Randy Moss recovers
by laxman95 November 02, 2009
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A sub-optimal or imprecise pass, usually in football, which leaves the intended receiver at high risk of injury due to the fact that in order to successfully receive, he must extend himself, while at the same time, the opposing player has a chance of intercepting the pass if he lunges in. Thus the lunging tackle coupled with the fact that the intended receiver is not in the best position to avoid or ride the tackle makes the possibility of injury quite high.
Commentator #1: Oh, he's sold Ramsey a bit short there. That's a bit of a hospital pass I'm afraid

Commentator #2: ...and in comes Shawcross....

Both Commentators: Ooooooohhhh!

Commentator #1: We're going to need a stretcher

Commentator #2: I think I'm going to be sick...
by Napiertt October 27, 2011
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A dangorous pass in sport leaving the reciever liable for A and E
Rugby Commentator 1: thats a high pass out to wood

Rugby Commentator 2: Looks like a Hospital Pass John

Rugby Commentator 1: Jesus christ his broke wood's jaw

Woods: Ahhhhh
by tron t March 17, 2006
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Literally (in schools, the military, etc): A pass that exempts the bearer from normal duty so they can go to hospital.

Figuratively (1): A Catch-22 situation which will inevitably lead to a person being badly hurt, humiliated or otherwise up shit creek.

Figuratively (2): In sports, a dangerous pass of the ball that may result in injury to the receiver.
Drill Instructor: Private, why are you out of the barracks?!
Private: Sir, I have a hospital pass... oohhh...
Drill Instructor: I see, that would explain all the blood spraying from your neck. NOW, STOP MOANING YOU PANSY! AND SAY SIR WHEN YOU DO!

Bill: I hear you just got assigned the Smith tax account.
Joe: Yeah, that thing is a nightmare. The IRS are investigating the company and I am probably going to be called before a grand jury.
Bill: Holy shit! That account is a hospital pass.

Doctor: So, how did you break your nose?
Private: I was playing football and the ball was passed to me.
Doctor: That doesn't sound dangerous.
Guy: Yeah, but the ball smacked directly into my face at 200 miles per hour.
Doctor: Sounds like a hospital pass. Ha ha ha ha!
Guy: Can I have another doctor?
by Guy with face November 20, 2007
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The act of passing a cannabis cigarette to an individual who is so drunk that the inhalation of cannabis will cause them to feel ill or 'whitey'.
'Oh man, I accidentally gave Jimmy a hospital pass. Now he's really ill.'
by Lexuality September 20, 2008
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