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Jimin needs to stop with the hip thrusts, he's killing me!!
by MadBTS_Trash May 19, 2018
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When you get such an incredibly horny urge to do something sexual, it usually ends up in a hip thrust.
Girl- "Damn that guy's damn fine" *hip thrust*
Other girl- "What the hell was that?"
Girl- "Sorry, I got excited."
by That one carrot, babe :) December 06, 2009
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Movement of the hips in a thrusting motion used to indicate happiness and celebration. Can be small pulses in a semi-circle or one large THRUST upwards! Must be used in conjunction with the 'Your Face' song sung by the Chav Squad or otherwise in public places.
youuuurrrr faceee *hip thrust* yourrr faceee *hip thrust* yourrr faccceee *hip thrust* yourrr FAAAAAACEEEEE...
by BrapBlingBling February 04, 2014
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