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"Caciocavallo is made from cow's milk, though its cryptic name literally means "horse cheese" --the Sicilian word "cacio" sharing the same root as casein while "cavallo" means horse. Nobody in Sicily has milked a mare lately, as far as I know. It takes at least eight months to age Caciocavallo properly, achieving a sharper flavour in about two years. Caciocavallo is a good complement to stronger wines, and widely used for grating over pasta. Indeed, it is a favourite of Sicilian chefs for use with pasta. It's usually shaped as a large wheel. "Caciovacchino" was a similar product made in times past."

Ah, this delightfully robust wine just screams for Horse Cheese!
by Spanky the Wonder Horse September 25, 2003
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A comment of distaste to a certain situation, usually used to insult.
- "What the fuck was Johnson up to last night?"

"Fuck knows, but the silly cunt came back stinking of horse cheese this morning.."
by Bishops Stortford December 22, 2011
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