The homies that make you horny and you make them horny
Homie 1: Bro you make me so horny can we have sex right now?
Homie 2: Ofc, we’re not homies no more, we’re hormies now.
by ⚠️ August 10, 2022
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Seeing you in those stockings puts me out of my mind. You are making me so hormy!
by BillCrown August 22, 2010
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Look at that hormis selling a pinto to that pinto to a blind guy, while chugging a mcdouble. Isn't he supposed to be on a diet?
by Armoassasin February 6, 2017
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A word commonly mistaken as the word Horny. Means thirsty for gold coated Horse Shoes sold by EA.

Take note that the two similarly pronounced words have a big difference in its definitions, thus when wrongly pronounce, might end up in an inappropriate statement.
This boy.

Is a hormy boy.

BOI *insert lit okay cryghing and hundred emoji*
by Maestrong Betlog May 10, 2018
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dis nigga penis and hs shit peni and he horny af and penis or dick with a mf there as well he suck him off
"when Penis Hormy Penis Suck off yes, this a nigga so damn gorny he and his penis and horny ass nigga dick on his throat and sucvk on the black tip hel"
by TheExplosiveCherry November 27, 2019