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1.A really calm person who doesn't give a fuck what anyone says.

2.A person that loves to do his own shit while other people are following the crowd.
by Positrons key June 06, 2014
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A combination of the words horny and hard. It is used as an adjective to indicate having an erection as an alternate of 'hard' to clarify that you are referring specifically to the rock hard density of an excited wienis.
Luke: I wasn't watching porn, bro!
Bobby: Yes ya were, you're hord as hell right now!

"Any movie with Amber Heard and not starring Nicolas Cage gets me hord."
by Four11 December 30, 2011
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Lacking in proficency at your career. Possibly making a name for your self when you first start, then crushing everyone's hopes in one action.
Man that guy gets the Hord award, I just saw that fuck up.

Possiably having a board of members to decide the fate of the supposed "hord" in question
by mynd-flame August 28, 2011
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