The metaphorical subtance that causes people to believe in a false hope. It is often paired up with copium.

Opposed to copium, which represents the rationalization of the current situation, hopium represents the belief that the situation will someday improve.
1: Wow, this show is absolute trash
2: Maybe it'll get better in the second season

1: That's the hopium talking
by fBOMBB September 25, 2021
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1. An addiction to false hopes.

2. The state of wallowing in self-pity combined with the delusion of potential fame/greatness. One in this state will hope for others to pity or save them, yet paradoxically romanticize their own struggle, pitying themselves and never moving on to achieve their dreams.
She thought that, if she wanted to, she could write the next great american novel, but because of Hopium, she remained the same alcoholic cat lady until her dying day.
by Cado et Vivo June 25, 2018
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In securities trading a trader is said to be under the influence of the fictional narcotic hopium when she/he finds themselves deeply in the negative on the wrong side of a trade. The trader will continue to hold the position in the hopes that the security will return to the value at which they acquired it. (eg. staying long in a stock position when the price continues to plummet)
Cramer, you are totally smoking hopium man, thinking that stock will go back up anytime soon. Just sell it and get out!
by Trade Pimp February 19, 2010
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hopium is an addiction to clinging to unlikely beliefs solely based off hope
No way the jets have a good season chill on the hopium
by Mega nutter October 6, 2022
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A substance that the media and press abuse, it makes them mesmerized by Barack Obama. For instance, when Obama swatting a fly was a headliner on the news, that camera man was on a double hit of Hopium.
Wow did you see the Obama Chia?!

Yeah man, wonder if the hair is actually Hopium, I need some NOW.

by (: Yep. July 15, 2009
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a political narcotic distributed by vested economic interests that makes moderate social liberalism, ethnicity, individual purity of heart, and soaring rhetoric appear to be substantive progressive change; co-optation of the left by vested economic interests
"The health care bill is a triumph of hopium over experience."
by joe_in_golden January 7, 2010
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A mythical drug that induces users to believe we can keep running Disney Land, Wal-Mart, and all our Automobiles on alternative fuels in the face of declining rates of global crude oil production.
Those cooks at the Rocky Mountain Institute must be on a lot of hopium to think we can build a 100mpg car that will save the day.
by w2k April 23, 2012
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