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When a man and a woman are having sex and the man commands, "Hop on Pop." The woman proceeds to straddle the man while he sits on his knees while she works the magic of her pelvic thrust.
Man: "There's a wocket in my pocket."
Woman: "Looks like it's time to hop on pop!"

* Woman straddles *

**** Fucking *****
by Bobby Su May 18, 2009
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The specific category of porn where a girl acting like she's some guy's step-daughter just hops on his dick like "ohhh I hope my mom doesn't come home."
I was watching one of my favorite "Hop on Pop" videos on pornhub last night where they actually ended it by having someone act as the mom walk in right after he cums on her face and just starts yelling at them, then it was just over. It wasn't the way I wanted it to end.
by EurekaCircus May 13, 2018
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