Hoofie, a selfie of your Camel Toe or in which a selfie where you have a horrendous camel toe
"Did you see that picture she took on Instagram"
"Yeah, that was on hell of a Hoofie"
by kfxo October 15, 2014
The defined crease between the top of the thigh and the curve of the butt.
Girl, those shorts are so short your hoofies are showing!
by PIXELPUNK March 21, 2015
A skank, butt slut, whore, etc. that is usually black (not a requirement) and not at all intelligent (a definite requirement). This word is preferable as it is not considered foul language when used yet seems to get the point across to the opposite party much more effectively. This word is not yet widely used, so many do not know its meaning when it is used. So feel free to elaborate when using the word. Hoofies usually need multiple explanations anyways as they are not the sharpest tools in the shed.
Shut the FUCK up you fucking hoofies!

You are a nasty ass hoofie.

That hoofie has way too much butt sex.
by Matt Morgan December 10, 2007
another word for a skank or slut, preferably black, stupid person
shut the FUCK up you god damn hoofie

she is such a hoofie!
by alaska f. September 14, 2007
Verb: when one is drugged by a horse, goat, sheep, or other cloven-foot ungulate, probably using horse tranquilizers.
"I was date-raped by a horse. He hoofied me and next thing I know, I'm lying on a bed of straw with a bag of oats over my head"

While Kelly was in the restroom, the horny goat slipped a hoofie into his drink.
by Richard Bruce Cheney November 17, 2012
A dirty person with shabby clothes and a pony tail usually missing teeth and stoned. These people are seen walking or hitch-hiking because a) they cannot afford a car, b) no one would pick them up because they would steal your pot.
Look at that fuckin' hoofy hitching a ride. I bet he would kill us for our pot.

Hey, swerve the car and hit that hoofy over there.
by eggjones1 August 18, 2009
To have feet which resemble that of a horse or similar animal.
Alternatively to be "in a hoof" means to be in a mood.
"hoofy is in a hoof hoof"
"alright you hoofy cunt"
by ionamac October 12, 2007