Pure and representative of one's glorious, privileged white sociocultural background.
- Charles, Have you seen the ass on that one?
- Damn honorary, chum.
by Sultan of 420 March 12, 2016
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A person of non-african decent who was born and raised in a prodominantly black community, and lived there most of his/her life. A white, hispanic, asian, or indian person reared in East St. Louis, for example. This individual may live his or her entire natural born life not knowing he or she is indeed an 'Honorary Nigga'. But persons of african ancestory may conversate about the merit of the so-called 'Honorary Nigga'. To qualify, the best candidates exhibit a total lack of awareness of their "race" and behave in the manner of the peoples they grew up around with, like *ahem* a nigga. This person lives, breathes, and eats like a nigga. This title may be revoked at any given notice, often due to some racial slur made by the HN agaisnt a brother or sister. The HN may never again be reinstated with "nigga privileges" again.
Former President Bill Clinton, but this is often disputed. Long deceased Abraham Lincoln has been awarded the title posthumously by many black people, but this is due to his apathy on the subject in regards to the longevity of the United States of America. Possibly Eminem, but he (like Elvis) benefited from being culturally accepted by whites who didn't accept the nearly unamiously black genres of rock and roll, jazz, soul and hip/hop until Eminem (and Elvis) sold it to them. No published list of "Honorary Niggas" has been found.
by icutyoulikebeatrixkiddo June 11, 2011
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When a person has many friends of a certain ethnicity... But they themselves are white. After a certain amount of friends and exposure to culture of a certain racial group, they can be made into an "honorary ethnicity".
"Cara, I've never seen that white girl Alex with anyone who isn't mexican..."
"I think they did the honorary ethnicity ceremony a few weeks ago... She's an honorary mexican now.
by Kathykrenzingtonsnugglesworth September 25, 2010
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Someone who generally identifies with being straight/CIS, but due to having connections is considered queer by their friends.
It's ok, they're honorary queers they don't get the guillotine in the revolution.
by Oshkin July 8, 2019
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A guy who, regardless of sexual orientation, is able to hang out with girls and be treated as one of the bunch.
Girl 1: And then, he took me out on the Gazebo, and KISSED me!
Girl Two: Thats soooo cute!
Girl Three: I'm so jealous!
Honorary Girl: How romantic!
by beckothegecko March 25, 2010
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The tuesday after a long weekend, which feels just as bad as a regular monday.
Make that a double expresso, it's Honorary Monday.
by the oob June 1, 2009
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