A dog whistle usually used on 4chan by Nazis, fascists, white nationalists, ect. to hint at the aparent "clown world" or degrading society we live in.
"Kids these days can be what ever gender they want, what's next? Honk honk!"
by Definer Andy November 14, 2020
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Phrase used to add emphasis to what has just been said, though with no intrinsic meaning of its own.
And that's what you mean by football - honk honk!
by November 15, 2020
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Honk Honk is what you say when you tryna sleep with someone, caveman-style.
Her: Oh my God, i can't believe she just texted me that, that's so ru-
Then the male proceeds to take of his clothes, and explain the word's purpose using only the word above and body language.
by MasterSeducer July 27, 2020
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