1. A car
2. A vehicle that can form into one of 5 parts of a giant robot to battle evil
3. A poor floatation device
4. A high tech replacement for the bicycle
The honda broke... again...
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A Japanesse Engineering company who happens to make cars. Often mistaken for the world' largest auto manufacturer (GM).
Aside from poorly built cars - honda also makes electric generators and outboard motors.
by Obsidian March 14, 2003
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A HON DUH is the last thing I see in my mirror when I pass you teeny boppers up in mu AWESOME RADICAL F-Bodied Camaro. :-)
by DUDE May 08, 2003
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New for 2006, Honda's a being more accurately tested, essentially lower fuel economy and lower horsepower than before (it's the truth.) On a different note, the quality of domestics is on the rise and horsepower ratings are up about 3% average, compared to imports who have lost 3%.
by Myajd jdg August 18, 2005
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Manufacturer of extremely high performance motor vehicles such as the Fireblade (CBR1000) CBR600, Super Blackbird and the VTR1000.

With easy handling, modern styling and brutal power to rival or beat any other competing superbikes on the market. With a horsepower to weight ratio or nearly 1:1 it will completely disgrace most modern sports and production cars

Some examples. In Hp/Kg (Higher is better)

Honda Fireblade (1L i4)
=0.96 Hp/Kg

2005 Dodge Viper (8.3L V10)
= 0.323 Hp/Kg

2002 Ferrari Enzo (6l v12)
= 0.47 Hp/Kg

Your dad’s 2005 V8 Commodore thats SO fast (5.7l V8)

That’s right kids. Not only is it faster than a enzo and a viper by over 1s down the quarter mile. With such a small frontal area (Low Cd) It has a top speed to match too.
Kid: zomg my dads v8 is so fast no honda could ever keep up with it. v8s are the best!!!1!!1one!!1

Biker: That FBlade next to your daddy runs 10's... Allthough i have heard, Commodores, Correctly modified, With lots of traction ... Can run deep into the 14's! *Rolls eyes*
by squidward March 24, 2006
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A vehicle manufacturer similar to Toyota, which built reliable vehicles in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, but, like Toyota, has made a few duds in the last few years. They are also convinced that their vehicles can't be broken unless driven and maintained by idiots.

While a number of Hondas have given the driver years of trouble-free operation, the ones who don't get one are in for a world of pain.
My mother had a 1999 Honda CRV. The Air Conditioner broke 3 times before the car was 3 years old. Each time, the dealer become more angry at us, and wanted to get rid of us.
by Artificialist November 16, 2005
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