She is a great person! She’s smart, loyal, nice, and an overall amazing friend/girlfriend. She is soooo goofy/silly and. She is beautiful and only opens up to those who are deserving. You will always feel comfortable when with her because she is chill and laid back sometimes. Her confidence is through the roof and she is funny. If she is mad at you, the first thing you do is talk about it with her. She is very understanding and forgiving. If you have an Akina in your life, make sure to never let go of her.
Boy: i met this girl named Akina. She is amazing.
His Friend : I know that girl! She’s so pretty and she’s always smiling extra big.
by Hendrix302 December 11, 2019
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Akina is a very amazing girl. She will be the best person you will ever meet! She's nice,caring,kind,slow (VERY), and world wide funny guy! She will change your life! Definitely someone you love to hang around, she is such a great friend to others. She hang a with everyone, she is very likeable
Person 1: wow I wish I was besties with akina she may be slow but she's the best
Person 2: I know right!
by Worldwidecutieguy October 19, 2018
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A marvelous multidimensional creature thought to only exist in fantasy. Fascinating, beautiful, and reality stretching, meeting an Akina can be life changing.
YO, ever since I met Akina my life has been brighter.
by JamaalCharles4747 May 4, 2022
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She is so pretty. She’s thick and is admired by many. She is a great cuddler and person to vibe with. You can tell her anything because she won’t judge you.
Bro: I didn’t you know that girl akina
Bro 2: yea she’s my girl, she gives the best hugs and kisses
by Hendrix302 December 18, 2019
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A Japanese name meaning spring flower, just like a flower she will be pretty, sweet and beautiful, a very kind person.
Person: Hey I noticed this cute beautiful girl staring at a cherry blossom tree with beautiful flowers just like her

Friend of person: Oh yeah that must of been an Akina
by montanerWzW January 10, 2015
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An international, non-affiliated and nonsensical business conglomerate. It'll probably take over Alaska or something, possibly involving flower-based terrorism.
"Word to your mother, Senior Fresh! I just bought these blueberry muffins from Akina Corp.!"
by Kirasan7 September 7, 2009
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