Homophone- is a word that suggests or implies that that certain word is a word of gay like suggestive word.
Dude that's a Homophone put it down before all the gays get suggestively
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Words that have the same pronounciation but mean different things
*Sees friend's brother in picture*
girl 1: hey, your brother looks kind of haughty in this picture."
girl 2: omg! you think my brothers hot? gross! hey guys! she thinks my brother's hot!
girl 1: this is why i should never use that kind of homophone around you idiots.
by rosiejade March 31, 2012
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The same thing as a homophobe, being homophobic; the hating of gay people etc.
That girl is so homophone!
I heard her talking about John and calling him a fag! Yeah she’s homophone!
by gothchic666 November 24, 2017
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1. Two words that sound the same.

2. Stupid or Unappealing
Teacher: Jim you are getting a D- on your report
Jim: Yo thats homophone!
by W1nh4m573r July 10, 2008
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1. A person who has a weak, fey or meek demeanour and little to no social skills who works hard at education.

2. One who is both homosexual and studious. A bookish gay or a gay nerd.

3.One of two or more words, such as bare and bear, that are pronounced the same but have a different meaning, origin, and often spelling.
"Did you see him boning up in the library? What a homophone!"

Examples of celebrities who often plays homophone characters include: Steve Coogan, Andy Dick & Crispin Glover.
by Setkino September 21, 2007
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1:- A word that sounds the same as another, but has a different meaning.

2:- A telephone in the employ of a homosexual


Homosexual:- Hey, look at my new homophone! it's *fabulous*!
by Hefelumpman April 03, 2005
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