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Homoneousness is a state of being in which a person exudes or experiences uncharacteristic or cross-gendered thinking and replicates it via actions or speech, displayed during sporatic, untimely, or often unconscious intervals. It can also be a conscious effort of one intentionally striving to be "out of the norm." It's adjectival derivitive is a slang word commonly used (though not in a non-disparaging connotation) as an expression and/or term of acknowlegdment among information technology stewards in the American arena of networking.

Etymology: from the English slang homo meaning homosexual or gay; the adjectival suffix "neous" meaning of full or, or possessing the qualities of.

Other Uses/Derivatives:

adj. - homoneous;
v. - homoneonize;
adv. - homoneousful;
That was a homoneous move, Sparky.

Wha'sup, homoneous one?
by Cornbread September 02, 2005
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