“A time in your life where you have the need to throw yourself on another person.”

"The feeling you receive from time to time where you wish to thrust you hips into the opposite sex".
"Dad, what is our dog doing to the toaster oven? Son, our dog is hormonal."
by bootyonbooty53 April 27, 2017
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A regulatory substance in your body that happens in your body at around the age when puberty starts. For girls: 7-13. For guys: 9-15...however, "guy hormones" are called testosterones. Hormones sometimes make you feel sad at small, pointless things..or happy at random times. They can also cause you to understand love more. For example, before puberty you never thought of guys as hot, cute, etc. But when puberty kicks in and the hormones start...you begin to find the opposite sex more attractive...or the same sex, if you're bisexual, gay, or lesbian. Sometimes you feel nervous around the opposite sex in middle school through highschool (grades 6 and up). But don't worry...nothing's wrong with you, it's just your hormones making you feel this way.
Hormones are a sign that you're growing up...so don't worry, be glad :)

(I tried to make the description of hormones as mature as possible...sorry if I failed)
Tonight I was at prom...for the first time! I was dancing with Jeremy, who invited me...but every time he squeezed my hand and grabbed my waist, I couldn't help but look into his eyes...Jeremy was pretty cute...I can't believe my hormones now decide to show themselves.
by Kyaaah May 4, 2016
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it's what makes girls different from boys, in many freaky and disturbing ways. hormones give girls boobs and guys dicks. they make us horny and sexually active, which is why it is cut into the two fitting words "whore" and "moans". makes senses, doesn't it though?
every girl and boy was born with a special gift: HORMONES
by emily dick January 1, 2009
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female hormones make them have mood swings...they can be all happy and then be moody as hell in a minute.
male hormones make guys act like total plebs, and enlargen the ego.
by miss chloe August 20, 2003
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Guy: Hey dude I just learned about hormones

Guy 2: Sick, what are they?

Guy: Essentially just the shit that makes your pp go up
by Long pp October 14, 2019
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Used to describe someone's mood swings caused on hormones. Usually applies to women who are P.M.S.-ing, Pregnant women, however can also apply to a moody man.
You are not a B&%ch...you are just being extra hormoneous today. I'm super hormoneous today.
by Ritzie April 30, 2010
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