Person 1: Hey bro im going to watch paint dry for 10 hours
Person 2: That seems like homework dont you think?
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by May 26, 2021
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A gay piece of shit used to fuck up your mind, kill your creativity, waste your time, to put pressure on you, never consider homework necessary for your life because it does not impact your future or opportunity. In summery it's just fucking mindset they put in you to make you seem "smart", AKA being a fucking nerd. Now homework isn't usually that bad. But if you spend 7 fucking hours on some crap you don't give two shit about, then your teachers have gone over the line. And usually, I don't dislike homework, I emphasize: I don't dislike homework, I fucking hate it, ok?
Today my grandma died but the teachers don't give a shit so they put even more homework on us, oh! finally home! oh, what is this piece of shit? oh, its called HOMEWORK. what do I do with it? BURN IT TO FUCKING HELL!!!
by Genius 123 February 06, 2019
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Work that you would do at school but u ran out of time so the teacher told u to do it at home aka HELL
Person1:omg we have some muck homework tonight
Person2:yeah is hell

Person2:I’m going to jump off a bridge I have so much homework
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by The real tea<3 January 11, 2019
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What you say you're doing to cover up the fact that you're actually doing sack madness.
Lucas: "I have to do some homework."
by Excuse me, DICK October 26, 2018
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A fucking idiotic thing that teacher will use it as a weapon. They usually don't give out too much homework if u don't have a lot of quizzes to do. However, they will give you loads of them when u have a bunch of quizzes and exams to do.
A: Homework sucks a lot.
B: Yeah, the teacher gave us 10 homework today and need to hand'em in tmr. But tmr have 4 quizzes.
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by DAPRONOOB November 04, 2020
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something that sane people don’t do
teacher: Do your homework Dave!
Dave: No, old lady, i won’t!
Dave’s mom: get up bafoon and do your homework quit daydreaming
by lady a la gaga May 03, 2021
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