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Over-reaction to a perceived minor breach of etiquette.
I started to eat my entree with my salad fork, and the hostess went emily postal on me!
by SeattleMnM April 22, 2011

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Incelderly: as one ages, lacking the will, time, energy and patience for dating, especially the consumerist nightmare of online dating.
At my age, I don’t have the will, energy or patience for dating. I’ve become one of the incelderly.
by SeattleMnM January 08, 2020

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‘Homework trolling’: typically a one line contradictory or otherwise provocative statement requiring the recipient to research and explain an issue for the troll, using information available to anyone(i.e., do their homework for them). Can be motivated by the same reactiveness that underlies ‘contempt prior to investigation’, or by a wish to make the recipient dance for them.
That guy could easily read the linked article if he wants to know whether the quote was taken out of context. He’s just homework trolling you by demanding you show him it wasn’t.
by SeattleMnM December 01, 2018

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