Numerous uses:

1) Quality dog food.

2) Given to students to be done after 6 MOTHER F***ING HOURS OF SCHOOL TIME ANYWAYS....


3) An excuse to invite your girlfriend/boyfriend over
1) Come here boy, I have something for you...

2) (Teacher) And after you have reviewed units 1-53, please finish pages 23 to 79.

3) Hey, want to come over to do *Homework*?
by GOODNAMESLEFT000000 November 17, 2009
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Cruel and unusual punishment created simply to make students unhappy, and to distract them from thinking about the opposite sex, the internet, their friends, the mall, the TV, or any other possible forms of entertainment. It's work, reviewing tedius classes that you sat through or talked through, or slept through in school. Usually homework takes many hours, unless you have "very little homework", which is also related to heavenly.
"Guh, I have so much damned homework tonight, I don't think that I can go over April's house. Doesn't that suck?"
by Brian-Sue January 22, 2004
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Things teachers give so that you dont have any time on the computer, with friends, and playing. Usualy come after 8 hours of sitting and working.
by KnowitallS December 14, 2004
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homework is something that you make up excuses for so you dont have to touch it...
<mom>hey have you done any homework?
<kid>no uh i uh dropped it in posion oak on the way home today
<mom>but your not allergic to posion oak
<kid>uh yes i am....uh....i am...uh...i gotta g outside!
by COLLEST GAL EVA aka elise March 21, 2006
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Things teachers give to students to keep their attention away from the teacher's unignorably huge ass face and or other disorders all teachers have.
Sarah: "Hey.. look at Mr Linderdik's ass.. its GROSS.. and his.."

Mr. Linderdik (interuppts sarah) "and.. 21 pages of history report due tomorrow as homework..."
by Lookatmeandkissme(: October 06, 2009
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